Installation & Repairs:


New installation, repairing, renovation, modernization and reconstruction of the entire pool equipment. Repairs of all kinds of pools, pipes, pumps, filters, pool lights, valve replacement, sand changes, re-tiling...
  • Pool & Spa Maintenance - here

  • Salt electrolysis (Salt Chlorine Systems) - by Aquatronic - here

  • Copper silver ionization - by Aquatronic

  • Pool Covers - here

  • Solar Pool Heating - by Mazda Solar - here

  • Heatingpumps - by Climexel - here

  • Chlorine-free water treatment - by Saphir - here

  • LED - Pool Lighting

  • Saving Energy - Pool Lighting

  • Swimming Pool Pumps - by Speck - here

  • Sand Swimming Pool Filters

  • moderne Schaltkästen

  • cleanings with high pressure "Kärcher" for pools, terraces and toldos

  • more services: -Schwimmbad ein- und auswintern -Metering service -Pool Equipment Service -Review of the swimming pool or Jacuzzi -Chemical Delivery -Sand filter change and checking the filter condition -Chemical Delivery Chemical Delivery - here -Technical review of the swimming facility -Spare Parts and repair of pool lightning -compassion tank cleaning -Spring Check -Remove pool cover -Pool cover installation
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The specialist for pool service, pool maintenance, reparing and cleaning around your private swimming pool in Ibiza.
Salt electrolysis · Chlorine-free water treatment · Flexible collector solar pool heater