Swimming pool pumps - Pool Circulation pumps:

Speck Badu Circulation pumps, self-priming.
In every respect our top model of glass fibre-reinforced material, for an exceptionally broad field of application from 7 - 20 m/h. These pumps meet the most stringent requirements because of their optimal quality and workmanship.

Field of Application:
Swimming pool water circulation through a filter system. The pump can be installed max. 3 m above or below water level.

Monoblock-type pump with integrated strainer tank. The bellows-type mechanical seal is mounted on a plastic shaft protector sleeve. Motor/pump shaft has no contact with the pool water!

Technical data at 50 Hz:
1 - 230 V oder 3Y - 400/230 V
Type of motor enclosure IP X4
Class of insulation F
Motor speed approx. (rpm) 2840
Max. water temperature (°C) 60
Max. casing pressure (bar) 2,5

BADU 90/7 - 7000 m3/h
BADU 90/10 - 10000 m3/h
BADU 90/13 - 13000 m3/h
BADU 90/16 - 16000 m3/h
BADU 90/22 - 22000 m3/h

Speck Pumpen:
  • Very low noise level
  • low power
  • System of high Quality Control


badu 90 speck

BADU Hidrostar

badu hidrostar speck

BADU Magic

badu magic speck

BADU Resort

badu resort 95 speck
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