Heat pump for swimming pool - Pool Heat Pump:

What is a heat pump?
It is an electrical device that captures calories from ambient air and then transmits these to your pool.

What is a heat exchanger?
It is a circuit that allows heat to be passed from a warm body to a cold body. The larger the exchange surface area, the higher the yield. It is for this reason that ClimExel fits its heat pumps with plate heat exchangers.

Excellent, yield:
For each 1 kW ClimExel consumes, it generates at least 5kW*. This is among t highest yields available today. The explanation lies in its titanium plate he exchanger: the exchange surface area of a plate is higher than that of a tub hence more calories are captured and the yield is increased. Consequently, i one of the most economical pumps available on the market. As regards titaniu this stable material is totally compatible with every type of water treatment, including salt electrolysis.

Excellent, silence:
The ClimExel heat pumps really do run silently, this is because their ventilation surface is large: air can therefore circulate abundantly, moving more slowly and thus more silently.
Furthermore, the surface area of their condenser is very large: air intake is improved, air passes more slowly thus attenuating the whistling noise. In addition ClimExel pumps are fitted with a Scroll compressor , the reference in terms of silence

Excellent, entirely automated:
ClimExel heat pumps are designed for simple installation and ease of use. Electrical connections, flow rate-settings: ClimExel has made it all simple and ergonomic.

Excellent, systematic quality control:
In order to guarantee total reliability, all ClimExel heat pumps are tested in water before they are dispatched.

Wärmepumpen, bietet Ihnen:
  • Very good performance -> 1 KW consumption -> 4/5 KW heat output
  • constant water temperatures
  • Very low noise level
  • Titanium plate heat exchanger
  • Fully automatic
  • System of quality control
  • Cooling possible

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